MPSC or UPSC: Which Exam Suits You Best?

Are you a student looking for the greater good of the country, your family, your loved ones and yourself by thinking of going to the competitive exams? If yes, then MPSC and UPSC are the answer for you. By this, you can understand the system from within, be a part of it, and bring the change you want in this system and country. MPSC and UPSC exams give you a fair and square chance to get a respective authoritative post at a higher place in the government system body and can make you powerful enough to make decisions, take actions, make the right choice for others and bring change. 

Are you looking to take UPSC and MPSC this year? You should search for the best UPSC MPSC classes in Thane. To answer that question for you, stand tall in the CD Deshmukh classes. With years of experience and extensive care in teaching students to excel in their respective exams, it has always been a life-changing course for students wishing to pursue their careers in the MPSC and UPSC sectors. 


MPSC and UPSC exams are both very competitive and related to different sectors. 

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission. It is a national agency that conducts various examinations to shortlist and recruit eligible candidates for government posts. MPSC is an acronym for Maharashtra Public Service Commission. Additionally, it is responsible for conducting recruitment exams to select candidates for civil services posts.

Although both commissions are known for offering government jobs to shortlisted candidates, their job location varies. For example, while UPSC posts candidates anywhere in India, MPSC officers are recruited within the boundary of the Maharashtra state legislature. 

CD Deshmukh Classes

CD Deshmukh Classes, with long years of experience in the sector and a team of expert and skilled teaching faculty, has been providing MPSC classes in Thane and UPSC classes in Thane to students to pave their path to success. 

Mumbai is a shimmering city with lots of youth emerging, and in this, all the ones with the sheer will, aim, and sharp edge to think differently and to move on a path that can lead to the nation’s well-being are a rare sight. We at CD Deshmukh help students keep up with their goals, and with our curated syllabus and extensive study material, we make sure that students who enter our classes will never be disappointed. 

Road to Success! 

When you start thinking beyond being selfish and start on a road where your aim is more significant than yourself and is about your society, community, and nation, you have already started your path to success! 

We at CD Deshmukh make that dream of yours possible and help you turn it into a reality, whether MPSC or UPSC. When you are dedicated and passionate enough and have the right company and guidance, like CD Deshmukh, you can easily pass every exam! 

Contact CD Deshmukh Classes in Thane Today and start your Road to Success! 

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